However, if desired, you can use chemical cleaners (that do not contain bleach) in conjunction with the StarFiber mops and Cloths without damaging the StarFiber material and minimal impact on the indoor environment. Some people add vinegar to the water but be careful about how you dilute and on what type of floor surface you are using on. Test and also check warranty specifications. Only water is the safest way to go!

StarFiber mop with Starfiber Chenille Utility pad only needs water to deep clean or dust all hard surface flooring in your home. Stop spending money on disposables like Swiffer and expensive cleaning chemicals The StarFiber cleaning system only needs water to clean!

Introducing the

New Classic STARFIBER STARMOP 15 in microfiber mop cleaning kit with NEW Snap On Connector!

Green 15 in wide base with velcro and 2 chenille 17 in pads and 360 degree swivel. New Snap On Connection and new SUPER light aluminum handle with grip friendly top.

Handle weighs only 11 oz and expands to approx 55 in long. Can be used with all StarFiber "SnapOn" products!

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classic starfiber starmop with threaded connector

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ergo starfiber starmop with snap on sbend swivel connector

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starfiber starmoP dirt and grime fighter pads - the best in the industry

1. 2.

1. We are constantly brewing up new fibers to combat floor cleaning. The new 17" microgliss wet pad cleans with minimal resistance tension, leaving your floors feeling fresh and clean..also great to clean patio and other large windows with. StarFiber pads clean surfaces using only water!

2. All floor cleaning starts with collecting the larger particles on the floor; pet hair, loose dirt, kitchen crumbs, etc. The StarMop 17in SuperDust Pad should be used dry for dusting. Super-charged dusting to attract dust, dust bunnies, pet hairs, etc. Rub the dust pad on any surface (floors, carpets, etc.) for that extra charge. DO NOT WET THE DUST PAD.


3. Can't get that rubber sole marking out of your wood floors? How about that leftover grease and spill from yesterday's backyard BBQ? You got problems? We have the answers! Try our 17" scrub pad - with professional grade scrubbing bristles, these nylon filaments will remove any muck that once latched onto your floors Gentle enough for your floors - tough enough to get those markings out

4. StarFiber 17 in Heavy Duty Utility Chenille Floor pad for damp or wet cleaning of any type of floor. Popular for tile floors as the "fingers" also assist in cleaning the grout lines! Has a soft backing for easier wringing out.

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Mop A Lot?

Try our StarFiber pro line with replaceable velcro strips and lockable swivel function

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starfiber chenille utility cleaning mitt

For almost any dry, damp or wet cleaning task you can think of! Like washing your car, cleaning your stairs, cleaning your microfiber sofa, wiping down office furniture! Super deal on buying 3!

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starmop miracle cloth

Starfiber microfiber clothS gives you more bang for your money

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The scale proves it! StarFiber gives you more. And more is better!

Other brand


Ideal for dusting, polishing, and cleaning. Great for furniture, glass, mirrors, and more. Super absorbent - use wet or dry. These microfiber 80/20 polyester/ polyamide 300 gms 16 x 16 in cleaning cloths pick up and trap dust, dirt and allergens using electrostatic action when used dry.

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New W-r-i-n-g-a-b-l-e StarFiber Thin19 in The thin bonnet will absorb about same amount of soil as a thicker bonnet. But as your work progress you want to make sure you either replace with a new bonnet or rinse the one you work with. As you see from the video it is much easier to wring out a thin bonnet than a thick!

If you are not familiar with what microfiber can do for your cleaning then take a look at the video below? The video was made by Peter Mendham in 2008 but is still valid today describing and showing how well microfiber works and can make your cleaning easier today and tomorrow! Cleaning with water is not only cheaper, safer, better for the environment and better for your health but will also save you money! The video shows the principal of how microfiber cleans using only water. Products and offers mentioned might no longer be available but the cleaning result is!

It's Not Clean - Until It's StarFiberClean!

starmop bend-able dusterator tool

StarFiber DustErator for high and low dusting.

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starmop starfiber triangle tool

For hard to reach areas! Great for car windows!

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THE ONE AND ONLY! StarFiber Kitchen Scrubbies

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Bona 15 in Spray Microfiber Cleaning Mop

A premium, finger tip operated, spray mop combo, includes StarFiber Cleaning mop and Bona Hardwood refill cartridge all in one! Quick, easy to use, and leaves no dulling residue. This one for you who don't want to use plain water on your hardwood floors! However, if desired, you can use Bona chemical cleaners (that do not contain bleach) in conjunction with the StarFiber mops and Cloths without damaging the StarFiber material. Some people add vinegar to the water.

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MicroFiber cleans without cleaning chemicals. So what is MicroFiber?

Microfiber consists of very fine threads of polyester and polyamide (nylon) that combine to form a single thread. Microfibers are so thin (100 times thinner than a single strand of human hair) that when they are woven together they create a surface area 40 times more than that of a regular fiber thus creating an expanded surface area with dramatically enhanced absorbing power due to the capillary action of the fine threads. Microfiber is traditionally defined as a fiber with a denier of less than one. Denier is a measure of thinness of fiber and is the weight in grams of a continuous fiber of 9,000 meters.

As each microfiber strand may be smaller than the bacteria it is attracting, it is able to penetrate microscopic particles of dirt and grease on a surface. Split microfiber possesses numerous wedges instead of the rounded surfaces on ordinary cloth, sweeping underneath the particles and trapping them inside. In addition, the rounded fibers on most cloths only push the dirt around, whereas the wedge-shaped microfibers grab the particles of dirt and pull the dirt into its dense internal structure. Furthermore, chemicals only become necessary as a disinfectant, as the bonding agent is no longer necessary to keep the dirt on the fiber.

Microfiber has two polymers. Polyester is lyophilic, or has an affinity to oil, so that oil and grease adhere directly to the fibers. Polyamide is hydrophilic, which means it has an affinity to water. As a result, any type of dirt is very quickly and completed removed with microfiber, leaving a sparkling clean, streak-free surface. Microfiber cleans without streaking, smearing, scratching or leaving lint. Microfiber is safe to use on all delicate surfaces. It will clean without scratching or harming the surface in any way.

Ordinary cleaning towels move or push dirt and dust from one place to another - microfiber actually lifts or scoops the dirt and stores the dirt particles in the towel, until it is washed. Microfiber can absorb up to seven times its weight in fluids. Microfiber cloths are also extremely durable. They can be washed up to 1000 times and still maintain their effectiveness. This makes it an extremely cost effective product. Machine wash hot water using your regular cleaner like Tide etc or hand-wash microfiber with mild soapy water.
Microfiber towels from different sources can vary greatly in quality. It is unfortunate that people sometimes purchase a high performance cleaning product on the basis of price alone. What they sometimes get is a product that does not perform as expected. Typically this can be pinpointed to two reasons:

1. The grade of yarn used in the beginning of the process is B, C, or even D grade.
2. The factory may utilize a flawed process when dying/splitting the yarn.

StarFiber products are manufactured by Concept manufacturing in Qingdao, China and is Swedish owned and managed and meet or exceed the highest set standards in the industry!

Watch the video showing the Swedish owned and managed Concept Manufacturing plant in China that have made quality microfiber cleaning products since year 2006.


Pads are thrown away after one use. One disposable cloth can only clean about 60-100 sq. feet efficiently. If you clean more you just spread dirt around and nobody wants to do that! They don't absorb as much liquid as a microfiber cloth! They are not economical or environmental as they contain chemicals not good for pets or kids to ingest! And, finally, they really don't clean!




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The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber - The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber

Cleans Any Surface In 1/2 The Time Using Only Water!

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